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Email is for things that can wait. Get IMBox now and discover how a private instant messaging network can transform the way people work at your organization

Data Encryption

IMBox messages are heavily encrypted using AES 256bits
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Local Storage

Choose between storing data in IMBox servers or in your company servers
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Remote Wipe

Wipe conversations and data from an employee device in case of accidental loss
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Cross Organizational

Use IMBox to securely communicate with providers or clients in other IMBox networks
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Cloud Messaging

IMBox chats are also cloud folders. Exchange any type of file and keep everything organized in one place
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Conversation Threads

IMBox messages can be commented and forwarded to group chats or co-workers
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User Management

Use IMBox control panel to manage users and groups in your company
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Internal Auditing

Enable it if your business needs to keep track of employee conversations and activity for any regulatory pourposes
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Self Expiring Data

Set conversations and data to expire automatically after a predefined period of time
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